ode to lindsay

lindsay angus ross
had a baby shower, it was boss.

we made onesies
and ate some cheese
and talked and laughed all night.

we wanted to take her to dinner
before she popped out her little winner

she was no where to be found
was her belly still round?

not a chance, she was already in labor.

now lindsay is a mommy
to an Oliver not a Tommy

and we couldn't be prouder today.

he really is perfect.
lindsay has been such an amazing friend to me through thick and thin,
and i know her mothering skills will trample her friendship skills.
he's one lucky little sprout!
congratulations lindsay and rob!


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

cutest asian ever!

Lindsay said...

So stinkin cute!!!! Tell your work to vote too :) he he

Miss Candy Anderson said...

no way! What's his name!? She really went into labor she couldn't make it to the party!? Hahaha! That's so funny! What a sweet story.

I love that you guys made onesies for the baby shower... that's seriously brilliant. Hopefully angela will get on top of that soon.

Speaking of which... read the new post I posted. It gives information about the wedding date. Make sure to read to the end...

Stephanie S said...

Lindsay is so freakin cute. What a cute mom. May I say how cute you are as well?? It was so nice to get to see you the other night. I see you had a great time chaperoning the dance, haha. Please lunch soon!

Stacey Sargent said...

So exciting. I absolutely love the name oliver!

Hey what are the hours for the part time job?

email me: staceysargent1@gmail.com

Lindsay Ross said...

best post ever!

CHUNTZ said...

Adorable what a kid! Lindsay is a trooper! PS love your belt with the green dress!

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