snapping out of it

i can't believe you let me get away with that sad rant on september 11th! 
who do i think i am? my life is spectacular, lest i forget.

anyway, we decided to take your advice and do something about it. 
"something" being anything we wanted. all weekend.

a. laser assault:
this is not your average laser tagging ordeal... i could barely hold my gun up it was so heavy. i felt like a marine, we bunkered down, lived off the land (anderson park is heavy laden with apples, plums and grapes) and laughed our keesters off when russ fell out of a tree.

the coaching department

b. getting jiggert wert it:

it's no secret that i miss dancing in all shapes and forms... so when we got asked to chaperone a stake dance with some of our ward buddies, you know i was all over that. russ was so worried about looking "creepy" he ended up looking extra "creepy" while doing the robot in the corner of the gym. good times. good times.

c. famdamily:

played with the ever hilarious avery. picked "berries" (peaches) and discussed why it wouldn't be smart for her to go into the river. p.s. look how big Quey is getting!

i feel much better, i ate a bag of reese cups, scheduled myself a massage and made some headway on a project for casa de frameski. goods to come--you just wait! 


elizabeth said...

love sunday afternoons with you guys!!

love that your blog posts always make me laugh out loud!!

Ashley and Chris Miles said...


Thats hilarious the coaching department doing laser tap I love it. Did you liz blog with Avery and a button stuck to her leg trying to get on the desk I am still laughing about it.

roryandashley said...

I love your blog. Always good insight to life.

meagan cohoon said...

I am laughing so hard right now! Everyone in my office is staring, too good.

Stacey said...

what are the hours for part time?

jenna marie said...

we need to see you.

The Wiseman Life said...

I love your blog you are hilarious! looks like you and Russ always have fun together! I really miss hanging out with you!

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