i am a jumbled mess.

where is my life going? it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. for the sake of my posterity and the accuracy of this blog-ary (blog diary), blognal (journal blog) or whatever, i will fill you in.

russ is always up to something good.

his fast-pitch baseball team won their championship t-shirt... considering they play minor leaguers and axed college players, i guess that's cool?

he bought a1980 Honda Trail motorcylce for $75.00 because the guy couldn't get it to run, russ fixed it in two days, and the insisted on taking it through our grass and waking up the people who rent our basement's newborn baby. good going russ.

so proud of himself.

if you hadn't heard yet Venice Flooring, where Russ worked as project manager for 3 years closed their doors. he has been working under his own LLC "Frame + Associates" or F+ A as we call it, doing flooring and other various handy-things. i am so proud of him, he has been working so hard and so far its paying off. go russ! i tried to put up a blog for him-- and of course haven't updated it since 1982. anyway, call him if you need any work done...

as for me:

*school is in, the weight of four literature classes is seriously killer. i figured i read about 200 pages a night and usually working on a paper, so it's brutal. i seriously can't wait to graduate! next semester baby.

*i've been working hard on the next issue of square, its going to be insane if it all comes together.

*i'm also hiring for a part-time morning assistant position at Bright Builders-- if anyone is on the job hunt.

*my class on gratitude went really well. thanks to all of you for your input. i got a handful of really thoughtful e-mails, and it made me love this crazy thing called blogging even more.

i feel like i am missing out, i miss seing my friends, i miss seeing my family, i can't even watch t.v. but i tell you i will always make time for my two new faves:

okay, poor-me-party is now over.


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

I'm right there with you, my dear... And I think you'd be surprised at how many other are as well. Especially people our age. It's a crazy time. I think the anxiety comes from having to make adult decisions when we still feel like kids. Hang in there and don't ever forget to treat yourself. Whether it's just sitting in silence to rejuvenate yourself or going all-out and getting those great L.A.M.B heels :)

Lindsay said...

I was just gonna ask you... where are you but there you are!

Stacey Sargent said...

Tell me more about the job...I may be interested!

meagan cohoon said...

Wow it sounds like you guys are really going places, good for you. I love square magazine.. in fact, I just put a copy of it down. Some of my fellow Provo High classmates work there and I didn't know that!

Stephanie S said...

I always love reading your blog. Busy, busy girl I hope we can get together soon. Love you.

P.S. This would really be a bad time for the Changeling wheelchair to come after you so I'll try my best to keep it at bay. No promises.

Lindsay said...

I was just coming to predict pregnancy was the reason for your absence, I guess I'll believe your excuse. miss you too! Good luck with everything!

fam who lives 2 streets away said...

No joke seems like we haven't hung out forever. Where does Russ find these gems? The busy days don't stop, but when school is finito its nice just to work and come home and do jackrap.

charity said...

is that "F'n A" or "F and A"??

cheer up charlie...i'm coming to play dress up with you.

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

the world does in fact revolve around you and your your gorgeous face. I want to see it....and kim's too, so please, lets reschedule.

Kat Clark said...

Sounds like somebody is thinking about baking up some buns in their oven!!! You know, I got pregnant with Jack during my second to last semester of school. I delivered 3 weeks after graduation. Just a thought...

Kit said...

Please please please deep breathe my sweet.

You are a girl in a whirl, and, sensing you are Maxed out, I prayed for you tonight after you & Russ left our home. We all said Amen so I guess that means Dad and Casey did too!

Are you taking the vitamins I gave you a few weeks ago?
Try upping your B's! They seriously help. If you want, your Pop could call in a script for B-12 shots to get you through this grand finale of school! Let us know! You are doing amazing things and an amazing job of all the things you handle, and handle with style.

love, love, love you both, Mom

Kit said...

Oh, I almost forgot...Russ, way to go!
Great win; great motorcyle reclamation project; great entrepeneuring!

You are a REAL man!!

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