L.V. for year three

muffin and i are coming up on our 3rd year of marriage next week. it's hard to believe it has been that long, it's also hard to believe it has been that short. a good marriage is one thing that we both work really hard at, and have felt the blessings ten-fold.
it's a tradition for our anniversary that russ and i go to a concert. basically every important event in our lives together happened because of music, so it only makes sense that we celebrate it the same way.

we trekked down to the city of sin to see kings of leon, the stills and we are scientists.

  • the stills: love their music, but they're from montreal (canada) and still felt it necessary to get all political. boo, i can't avoid politics no matter how hard i try.
  • we are scientists: their in-between-song banter was too advanced for most. i had to look up what "taxonomy" meant.
  • kings of leon: played for 2 solid hours-- i teared up during "cold desert."

at the yardhouse-- our favorite

no cameras allowed. iphone took one crappy shot for us.

russ is funny:
"it's really cirque du soleil? i thought it was circus olé!" (complete with finger snapping)
"next time we're bringing the scooter, and you get the side car"


charity said...

Fun!! Happy ano versory!

love you both!

Karly said...

three years... only a few of us are still childless and holding strong, we need to stick together, the pressure can be unbearable... haha. I love your quirks you have so much personality. read mine and you will laugh at the boredom

journeytojohanssontown said...

hooray for Circus Ole!

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

that one crappy phone shot is one pretty good shot I think.
You two are just so cute it makes me wanna pinch those cheeks.
I did not see enough of you while I was in Utah and I find myself missing E frame and girls. can I get a ja bababa?

Lindsay said...

really???? The island-real world/road rules. I thought I was the only one that watched that show!! I LOVE ALL THE MTV challenges. I love reality tv :) HATE EVELYN!!!!!!!

Kayla R. said...

LOVE IT!! Happy anniversary!!! LOVE you guys:)

KEH said...

Congrats!! This means that our anniversary is coming up...ahhhh those first precious nubile days at the Gap. Thank heavens for holiday hires and fugly ass striped ribbed turtlenecks.

KEH said...

Oh. Actually I just realized that I've been deleted from your lists of "friendlies" Sooooooooo, ummmmmmmmm, should I feel awkward now?

elizabeth said...

happy anniversary!
3 years flew by!!

laughing at the cirus ole comment!! :)

Jene and Megan said...


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