not for the faint of heart

if by "quirky" you mean OCD, weird, and unnatural? than yes.
8 quirks:

1. i loathe washing my hair. i avoid it at all cost. i have devised a way where i only need to wash it once or twice a week. it goes something like: 1: blow dried, 2: day-two of blow-dry, 3: some sort of clipping up of the bangs 4: a braid or twist of the bang 5: a pony-tail 6: a head-band and pony-tail 7: a beanie. it works out great.

2. speaking of hair-- i have to switch my hair part everyday. middle, left, right, far left, far right etc... i also have to use a different shampoo/conditioner each time i wash my hair. there's only three so its not that OCD right?

3. i smell my hands constantly. usually the meaty part of my palm between my thumb and index finger, my wrist, or thumb.

4. i floss after every meal. i have those little flosser sticks that i carry all over, if i can't feel air coming through the gaps in my teeth it bugs me. i think apples are gross but i will eat them if i don't have floss readily available.

5. i say what is on my mind. this is a curse--seriously. i can usually filter information that no one needs to hear, but if it is something pressing, you're going to hear it. i could never figure out why i had a new best friend every year of my life... until now.

6. i have music in my head constantly.

7. i am a control freak. if i can't control a situation, i am usually bugged and will fight you to the death on it. either way, i married right because russ will never fight with me... i can count on one hand the times we've actually fought.

8. i'm told i dress in themes. i usually pick a piece out of my closet that i feel like wearing and then build the outfit off of that. somehow it always has a theme: horse-back rider, east-coast sailor, blackfoot Indian, 60's secretary are some i've gotten lately.

8 Things I am passionate about:
1- my marriage
2- family/beliefs
3- music
4- fashion
5- reading/school
6- health
7- making russ laugh out loud
8- the future

8 words/phrases I often say:
1- i love you
2- i'm so irritated
3- seriously?
4- no worries
5- it's in the budget!
6- we're not having kids yet
7- love love love it
8-i'm hungry
8 Things I want to do before I die-
1- travel by snapping instead of flying
2- see my kids have kids
3- make everything right
4- build my dream house
5- see led zeppelin live
6- work for harper's bazaar
7- write a book
8- live by the ocean or a lake or even a pool... not picky
8 Things I currently want or need:
1- to graduate
2- to tone my jiggly self up
3- to go to the temple
4- a closet full of designer duds
5- to add onto our house
6- a wrap-around porch
7- a halloween costume
8- to finish re-upholstering our dining room chairs.
8 favorite T.V. shows:
-30 rock
-mad men
-pushing daisies
-the office
-gossip girl
-rachel zoe project
-project runway
-the island: real world/road rules

8 favorite restaurants:
-happy sumo
-thai chili gardens

8 things that happened yesterday:
-went to work
-watched pleasantville
-wrote a paper on the adam + eve narrative in pleasantville
-watched russ put in a countertop for the neighboys.
-ate $40.00 in food from JCW's
-ran 3 miles
-made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies
-spray painted a wreath hot pink

8 things to look forward to:
-fall break
-dinner at the melting pot this weekend
-russ graduating
-when my hair is long enough to donate to locks o' love
-being 30...it just sounds sexy to me.
-sprouts, children, offspring whatever.
-having time to sew, cook well, reupholster, paint, read, write, take bath...

8 obsessions/collections:
-dessert plates
-walt whitman
-william blake
-clean sheets


Stephanie S said...

Em, I love you! Fun to read those things about you. Congrats on 3 years of marriage (I know that's a different post, but that's ok). I hope we get together soon! P.S. When you end up at Harper's Bazaar, don't forget me, maybe I can be your assistant... coffee (hot chocolate), mints, gum, I'm your gal. :)

journeytojohanssontown said...

If not washing your hair for a week is a quirk then I must join the club.

Lindsay said...

Noah wants to know what your hands smell like when you don't wash them after you go to the bathroom...sick I know, but I thought it was funny!

Love you! Miss you!

elizabeth said...

love this!
some I knew some I didn't!! :)

ThE GaIL said...

Emm. I love that we are SOO much a like. dont worry- the hair thing totally applies to me- when i actually fix my hair.. and all (minus the shampooing thing) are ALL quirks that I have- as we BOTH know.. ahhaa. i love it! we truly are kindred spirits. ah.

Kit said...

Emily, How fun to read this and discover. . . some of them I just intuitively knew and some were a surprise. Dessert plates! Yes. Maybe Santa can stuff some in your stocking.

I also love Whitman. And clean sheets. I put clean sheets on my bed yesterday and when I climbed into bed, I thought, "Why do I think I have to wait until I am a millionaire to hire someone to give me clean sheets every day? Just do it more often now and ENJOY it!" Climbing into bed was the highpoint of my day yesterday.

Remember when you were little and you said you were never going to grow up and have to clean a house, but live in hotels and have the maids pick up after you every day? For clean sheets nightly, I'd almost do it.

Well, the Suite life of Emily and Russ can start anytime.(Maybe Santa can help with this?)

Let's buy extra sets and just change them every two or three days! It feels delicious to my toes and smells delicious to my nose.

Ummmm. . . just thinking about it makes me ready to turn off the computer (it's already half past midnight) and go to bed!

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