some of you know my sick attachment to rachael yamagata. i listened to her happenstance album religiously my senior year and thereafter probably because i was always breaking up with someone or getting dumped. but i digress. with all that emotional baggage tied up in 14 tracks, i can't even really listen to that album anymore, so yesterday was an important day.

yams released a new album.
it's a double-disc, i had to pre-order it and good thing i did cause it's sold out everywhere.
welcome back. you've been missed.

i also picked up this lil' sweetie... i am giving it my album of the year award. it's so crazily good.

and it took me a couple weeks, but this album is starting to grow on me as well.
"godspeed" is my favorite at the moment

p.s. if you didn't go to Logan's class for (the washed up dancer) adults, and you do in fact dance, or at least live in utah county... i better see you there next tuesday. 'twas a kick in the pants!


Marco and Cody said...

I am just working and going to school. How have you been in good ole Utah? Do you blog at work like I do?

Marco and Cody said...

Hell to the no on the chitlins. We are living it up childless for a while. Are there any Emily Jr.'s running around yet? The world will be interesting place once Emily Jr.'s come that's for sure.

Logan said...

Sweet, more music for me to copy from you! (well, in my defense, I have liked Rachel Yamagata for quite a while...he he) Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully the class will keep growing!

Kayla R. said...

COOL! i am planning on it!

Coby said...

elephants, what a track

jcr said...

yay! more rachael yam!!

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