what is it about fall that makes me fixate on food of all kinds?
after sitting basically in the same spot for 8 hours this weekend i probably shouldn't be eating at all.

we made our semi-annual conference breakfast, with one alteration.
farm raised brown eggs... i was nervous about it, but alas, they taste the exact same.
at least i am eating happy farm chickens' eggs versus sad cooped up force-fed chicken eggs.

the family made sushi which was quasi-successful. lets just say i don't mind paying $12.00 a roll at happy sumo anymore.

the master sushi maker himself.

i was dying to try the new Spark Restaurant Lounge so muffin and i went yesterday.
it's basically like Pizzeria 712 but with American/French cuisine.
as much as it pains me to tell you this... the food was so-so.

mango mint mojito (non-alcoholic of course) C-
burger trio B+
cumin fries A+
citrus duck A+

you should still try it though just for the ambiance, killer decor, and manhattan-bar feel.
provo just got a little cooler.


Kirsten Sue said...

There are so many of those cool bistros in AZ. I used to work at one and always wondered why Utah didn't have any. Glad it is finally getting cooler.

amanda said...

I went there the other night. That drink and the peartini were no good, but I really did like the place in general and I totally support it's existence here in Provo.

kara jo haught said...

I love the mirror hanging in the background of pic #1... i have the same one waiting for a mirror to put in it. You have great taste!!!!

Peter and Lacy said...

Bowman and Viet are both amazing chefs! I think your crazy.

Peter and Lacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayla R. said...

mmmmmmmm....this post makes me HUNGRY...ha

The Wiseman Life said...

Looks like you had fun making sushi...I have always wanted to try making it. You family does so many fun things!

Marco and Cody said...

I am so glad that I found you! I miss you!

jenna marie said...

you are just so fabulous its annoying. when will i see you again?

Fullmer Family said...

organic cage free eggs are the only way to go!

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