reader de google

if you don't use google reader yet, i just don't know what to tell you.
if you do, you know how extremely helpful it is, especially the "starred items" section.
here are some of my star worthy items over the last few months:

a. i am running out of closet space. my shoes are in every crevice of my household. i like this better. via: {this is glamorous}

b. i need this mirror. via: {i suwanee}
c. you know i fully loathe this idea on any mobile transportation. see this post for proof. but, i die over this pillow. and when i have more than me and muffin to put on it-- it's mine! via: {black*eiffel}

d. kingdom of style is my go-to blog for all things european fashion-- like this french line Devastee.

e. thank you chris hornbrecker for reminding me why i am growing my hair out...
to one day have this cut... and those shoes. via:{this is glamorous}

f. crewcuts. loving her little hunter wellingtons, i'd wear those slouchy grey leggings anyday, and that mustard taffeta skirt is bananas. wait, is this a kids line? via: {ali loves curtis}

g. more evidence that i need to be in the UK. via: {British Vogue}


charity said...

would you hate me if i stole the hair cut?

Kayla R. said...

Ok I love Thriller I was so sad:( I couldn't go this year* Love all the pics*

CHUNTZ said...

Im in love with that mirror! Seriously...love affair!

Kirsten Sue said...

Yes, love that pillow.

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