half mile high club

not that kind...

so me and a few lady friends have been "training" for a triathalon in the spring. so far it's been fun, some days i literally groan my way through the running part, but i love swimming!
it's such a killer workout, and it doesn't ruin my joints, heart, ankles, shoulders like running does.

val, colett, rashelle, scary

don't be alarmed, apparently kids-these-days go to the rec center for hot-tubbing.
her body doesn't make me feel bad about myself at all.

graciously my dad offered to help me train on the bike. we will see how that goes,
considering a joy ride to him is 30 miles...


Lindsay said...

that is awesome! I wish i were as motivated as you. someday I will be. I want to run a marathon and get some of these baby pounds off my body!

Colett (*.*) said...

Those are some smokin hot bathing beauties, now if I could just figure out my breathing....I am stealing your pics for my own post!

kara jo haught said...

Good for you... i ran a 5k last april and thought i died at the end.. i decided i only run when being chased!

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