you know when people say "they're like my second family"?

this is russ' second family in the very literal sense of the word. russ lived with jace anderson and his family for a few years and they treated him like a son. him and jace are more like brothers then best friends.

i don't know if we've ever been able to fully express how much that family has done for us, even though we've both tried. we wouldn't be married today without them. russ wouldn't be a member without jace's influence.

so, maybe you can see why i was weirdly emotional watching this family celebrate angela's marriage.
angela + enrique

angela and jon, who's dance lessons paid off!

she looked stunning.

jace, lisa robinson and russ... poor lisa survived daily covered wagons by these two.

i don't know about these moves: i am pretty sure green shirt guy is playing the air trombone

congrats angela + enrique!


jenna marie said...

love the ideas. let's start gearing them towards more of the male gender. i'm perplexed as what to get mr. andrew for christmas and i'm pretty sure with the right amount of research you could find just the thing.

Kirsten Sue said...

So if the Andersons are your second family I guess that kinda makes us related! It was so fun to see you at the wedding. It was beautiful.

linds jo said...

you are very brave for doing the whole triathalon thing...i think im having a good day if i briskly walk to the pantry or fridge.

Jene and Megan said...

I love the forget me knot ring! I remember seeing it last year and wanting it then too!!

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