yes please

old news, but we're not moving to wisconsin anymore. the economy and the looming apocalypse among other things make both of us a little wary-- moving to the middle of nowhere aka the midwest just wasn't feeling right.

we are however, looking for a lot somewhere in utah for the time being.
i dusted off the ol' house plans...
how unnecessary yet necessary would it be to draw in one of these?

i don't know which of these four women are more abrasive and unlikable,
but their closets are pretty spectacular.

i'll give you one guess who's this belongs to.


Russ Frame said...


jcr said...

I just want the clothes to fill those closets.

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Just realized how so very dumb I am. PLEASE send me your email address again. I have photos for you from Nicole's wedding that I forgot about! I'm a genius.

Kirsten Sue said...

Maybe I am vain but I've always wanted a closet like this. With enough room for an island. I'll just have to work on buying enough clothes to fill it.

Kit said...

if you live in Utah you NEED a closet like this. Fall and Spring never can make up their mind and so where do you keep both warm and cool clothes to still have access while Utah changes its mind over and over?

I vote for Kimorah as the most obnoxious, by the way.

Emily and Russ, I am SO glad you are staying around!!

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