best of 2008: albums

top 10 best albums in no particular order:

the stills || oceans will rise || download: dinosaurs, i'm with you, or everything i build||
santogold || santogold || download: lights out, i'm a lady or creator ||
mates of state|| re-arrange us || download: the re-arranger, blue and gold print or get better ||
robert plant & alison krauss || raising sand || please read the letter or stick with me baby ||

the little ones || morning tide || download: morning tide or tangerine visions ||
kings of leon || only by the night || download: notion, i want you or manhattan ||

jenny lewis || acid tongue || download: close call or godspeed ||
fleet foxes || fleet foxes || he doesn't know why or winter white hymnal ||

the dodos || visiter || download: fools ||
bon iver || for emma, forever ago || download: for emma ||

i liked these albums for different reasons, but if i had to pick a favorite, it would be bon iver... the whole album is life changing. no really.  here is a much more intensive list that will have your head spinning.

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Kayla R. said...

Oooooh i like! always nice to get some new music*!*

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