from thirty first to first

we said farewell to mrs. jenny redford
we reminisced about our time as roommates ... oh pink house how we love thee.

we confirmed that indeed, russ has serious karaoke talent at a party with 20 elderly gay men.
they loved his rendition of bye bye yellow brick road
this footage is of the car ride up to the party-- our friends love karaoke as much russ does if not more.

and we brought in the new year with games, food, friends and the nyc ball drop. you'll notice that my faux lashes didn't last all night. i had them on for about 6 hours before i couldn't tolerate them anymore. i apologize for the shaky footage, i am still a rookie with my early birthday present.

nye countdown 2009 from emily frame on Vimeo.

may the year 2009 give you wings.


jenna marie said...

oh i love you em. you really know my heart and how much i needed my mom there. you are sweet to make that comment. come visit anytime. q will love you.

Jana said...

i came across your blog from your sister-in-law's and i think your style is absolutely rad. the end.

em ♥ russ said...

love you stranger jana. made my day!

Lindsay said...

I am laughing out loud from Russ' karaoke performance. wish we were there to celebrate nye with ya! Love ya!

Karly said...

fully agree with the street style awards. awesome.

charity said...

oh sad, ha ha, we should've put the individual lashes on you too! looks like fun times tho

Nicole Christensen said...

cant believe i missed the pink house reminiscing. never again may that take place with out me.

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