my brain is fried.
i lose most trains of thought.
i got lost driving home from work.
i wake up in the middle of the night terrified that i am forgetting something.
welcome to finals week.

i just have to remember in a few days i will have time for crafternoons with sisters

more books to read with nieces

and chill time with muffin

on a completely separate note, i am now obsessed with setting my hair. yes, grungy, stringy, hippie-haired yours truly is now enamored with voluminous texas hair.

what is setting you may ask:

it is when you place large curlers in your dampened hair and let them air dry.
supposedly less damaging, and it looks stellar for days after.
the only downside is the wait time: grab a book, clean the house, it takes a little while.

your husband may think you're a little crazy, but let's be honest, what else is new?


Jene and Megan said...

Yay, I'm not the only one! Although, I have been rolling my hair for years. Velcro rollers, check! Hot rollers, check! My hair is so stick straight that the only way for me to get any volume is to roll it. So, that's the way I roll. I'm a dork!

Kayla R. said...

I love curlers! anything to make hair less damaged is good!

collin said...

is Bethany crosseyed?

Kit said...

Welcome to the secret world we discovered back in the 80's! Big hair. Love it. Actually easier than blowdrying, though it does take some forethought so its definitely not for those with ADD and compulsivity.

Love it! Finals will still be over and I am looking forward to spending some pre-Christmas relaxing time with you! Wanna see if we can still get tickets to Christmas Carol??

KEH said...

The photo of you under the fedora is the best photo of the year. And why have we not seen each other? Dinner? Ok, yes. Sounds good, thanks for asking! X's and O's.

Fullmer Family said...

hmm, i am going to have to try that setting stuff. It looks like fun:)

Kayla R. said...

I asked Lily if you could be her friend while looking at your blog and she said no mom I can't talk to strangers then I showed her the pic that was from the party at Brit's house and told her that you were my friend not a stranger and she said " Oh Duh, Yeah she can be my friend! ha ha ha

Auntie Em said...

So I want to see a picture of what your hair looks like after its set!

jenna marie said...

killer christmas card. my favorite by far.

Tyler & Brittany said...

You look so pretty! You look great with Red lipstick on! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Tell your family hi! Sure do miss living across the street :) love ya

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