a very friendly december

ashleigh came in town to show off her babylump, which is still cooking thank goodness.
stay in there little one! baby's been trying to bust out for months.

brittany and dana hosted a lovely christmas party.
i got asked if i was pregnant twice that day. never wearing that dress again.

my ex-roommate/favorite pilates instructor jenny married russ' buddy ryan redford last weekend, they are so in love and happy. i am a little sad because she's moving to LA while ryan goes to dental school... it's okay though, now i have an excuse to visit!

i have two weeks off for christmas, (woot woot) and am planning on filling it with more friendly face-time.


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

wow. You acutally posted our retarded pic. I am suprised you didn't post the one with you showing your..caboose. :)
I love your outfit at their wedding. You look great!

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

Oh and P.S. I love the fact that my stomach has stretched that dress out so much you can now see my G's through the "black" fabric.
Time to get rid of that one ehh?

jenna marie said...

um thank you for being the only one that updates their blog. i demand that you and russ get your a's over here so we can have a little sunshine in our life!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Great wedding, great pictures. I look hideous in the one at Brittany's. I probably shouldn't have shown up looking like that. You look beautiful and I didn't think for a second that you looked pregnant.

jenny said...

thanks for the shout out. lets lunch. we have one week. :(

jenny said...
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