happy birthday ingrid!

today is my mother-in-law's birthday.
i shudder when i say that, because that is SO not who she is.
she is more like a friend than anything.
ingrid is the most hilarious, kind, nuturing, loving, hardworking and intuitive lady around.
i consider myself extremely lucky in the "mother-in-law" department!

this lady is go-go-go. she probably won't even see this post because she works so hard, but
if you're reading this ingrid, kick your feet up and relax, it's your birthday!

we love you!


Lindsay said...

you're so sweet!

jenna marie said...

i'm begging you to come visit. any time. any length of time. we could both definitely use a counseling session i'm sure.

Stacey Sargent said...

i either got them at:

a. nordstrom

b. my mom's closet (she may have purchased them from nordstrom)

so... so i guess nords is your best bet!

Anonymous said...

If you read this Ingrid, Happy Birthday! Thank you for bringing up Russ to be such a wonderful man. . .
He is the best husband in the world to Emily and I am will be forever grateful to you for raising him. He is a gem. Love, Russ's "OtherMother" or Mom-in-law

Anonymous said...

Let's just say she is quite the baker to have been able to produce that Muffin.
Ingrid's Recipe
1 bottle Tobasco
1/2 block sharp cheddar cheese
Coke to taste
a dash of Mike
Bake for 9 months and voila! Tastiest Muffin Boy in town.
"Sooooo who's this Jessie?"

Love, Alex

Anonymous said...

I love this wedding dress. Mind sharing the brand and where you found it? Thanks

em ♥ russ said...

I got it at the Bride's Shop on South Temple in Salt Lake City its the brand "2Be"

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