great gifts #4: for him

i feel your pain. russ has the most specific and unpredictable style so it's always a challenge coming up with exciting presents.
oh, and i shot myself in the foot when i bought him a drum set for our first christmas...
can't really top that now can you?

here's the roundup:
*twins fitted cap, a sports fanatic can never have too much team flair
*headhoods, a twist on a classic.
*cologne: cliche and cheesy but still necessary.
(i love "he wood" by dsquared, russ loves RSVP by kenneth cole.)
*vinyl: music is the way to russ' heart. and bon iver is his current fave.
*classic vans.
*dress boots: he won't admit this, but he loves them.
*f21 skinny tie: only $9.80
*bumble and bumble grooming creme: for fine hair, less greasy than pomade, less ghetto then gel, and less 12-year-old-boy than au natural.

sorry it took me so long dollface. good luck to you.


jenna marie said...

oh i've made quite the cameo on your blog. i feel so loved. and youre right-why didn't i know that he can never have too much team flair? and we've loved that BB creme for so long...tis the best.

journeytojohanssontown said...

the headhoods are classic. I could spend a week thinking up all the awesome pictures I could take with one of those things

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