saxby chambliss

last week was somewhat stressful. nay, last week was awful.

everyday at work i had a deadline for some project. i have finals looming over head. our trusty renters moved out, so we showed the basement to 6 losers less-than-desirables. russ is trying to collect on three jobs. on and on and on.

so you can see why we desperately needed some play time:

*i told russ I didn’t want to decorate for christmas until after finals. but, we had a pile of wrapped presents that looked so sad just sitting there, so 5 minutes later, a strand of green twinkle lights, and *bam* finished. we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

*somehow i talked russ into seeing the play twelfth night. i’ve never seen russ more antsy in my life, thank goodness for iphone applications + fantasy basketball leagues.

* progressive power tumbling for crystal’s 22nd birthday.

*the byu vs. usu basketball game with the one and only anna and her husband devin.

anna and i have been friends since we were three years old. she lives in logan, so i was stoked when she called with extra tickets for the game, even though we sat in the aggies' section and got major stink-eyes everytime we cheered for the cougs.

*nothing like blowing off some stress while stimulating the economy. gateway is gorgeous all lit up, i definitely recommend.


journeytojohanssontown said...

the PPT looks fun! And I LOVE the tree

Logan said...

PPT is seriously the funnest place ever, don't you think? I love it!

The Wiseman Life said...

K that power tumbling place looks like the funnest place ever...your pictures had me laughing so hard. You are always doing the most fun things..

Stacey Sargent said...

i agree. went there last night and it was so gorgeous and fun. p.s. thanks for the heads up on the candy-cane cocoa....love love love it. im addicted!

Anonymous said...

fun to see you and Anna-pie together! Glad you got to play a little in the "MOST - wonderful time - of the year!"

love you Em! Are we on for lunch tomorrow?

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