{like love loathe}

last season's project runway left me drooling over korto's plate necklaces. after scouring etsy and ebay and only finding them for $150.00 or more, i gave up.
(this is a "like" afterall)

i checked again last week and found etsy seller the nile. turns out, she's AWESOME and let me commision one in black and white beads only. love her!

$150.00? really?

i am also liking what i see over at smith's tix
i might make it to spring alive after all!
the submarines -- 2.21
andrew bird -- 2.25
the annuals -- 2.27
dear + the headlights -- 3.5
blitzen trapper -- 3.13
ting tings -- 4.9


bobbi brown's brights eye palette
it has 35 matte shades (perfect for glitter-haters like myself) for $70.00
you can't find shadow that cheap at rite aid!

i had a small crush on jack kerouac.
after i took a course on the beat generation and read all his goods i had a big crush.

i love this print from i suwannee
and might die if i don't get the quote put into a wall decal too.
this idea is straight from blik.
but you don't mind do you ya blik? we're long time friends.

quote from dharma bums.

lately i've noticed an epidemic at UVU. probably 50% of the people in each of my classes wear sweat pants to school everyday. i am not sure why this totally irritates me--
afterall i wore nothing but all through highschool.
do you not have a job?
is school really that cozy?

i looooattthee conde nast for giving up on my favorite design mag.
i am losing faith in humanity, first blueprint, now this?


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

sweats in college is gross. sweats in high school is acceptable. (maybe just because i was a high school sweats perpetrator.)

ck said...

what?? is domino really getting the sack?

I'm ready for this recession to be over.

Stacey Sargent said...

i am sooooo sad that domino is going under. im dying. they are one of the only magazines that im obessed with everything in it! ahhhh!!!!

Tyler & Brittany said...

I love your bangs! You look beautiful! Happy Late Birthday by the way!

Kirsten Sue said...

You just gave me some of the worst news of my life. No Domino is horrible. Maybe I will make a private donation to keep them running.

Jana said...

ditto on the domino comment! i almost cried when i heard the news :(

Colett (*.*) said...

This Domino situation is just not right, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomache when I heard this news. Why bother getting the mail anymore?

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