day 8,395

if your birthday is on a saturday, naturally you get the whole week to play with loved ones. thank you to everyone again, for the hugs, calls, flowers, cards, voicemails, texts, facebook messages, songs, movies, shopping trips, dinners, lunches etc. etc. etc. my birthdays are always stellar because of you!

exhibit A:
pizzeria 712
bride wars
$20.00 worth of candy

kim's face was classic when she saw that chewy sprees were 3/$1.oo
love these girls.

exhibit B:
dinner and what else-- yogurt. with the two most hilarious boys we know... and their 'rents of course.

this is the face i expect people to have when enjoying a treat such as this.

exhibit C:
thai food
slumdog millionaire

i know it might sound hard to believe but russ and i rarely have a night just us two.

we're getting pretty crafty with the picture taking thing--- i think everyone (including us) is sick of seeing the same hand-holding-camera-with-arm-extended-out picture
it was harder than it looks to get them the same size... i am semi-giantish.

23 is kind of a hard one for me... i think it's because i am still in school
and people have stopped saying "oh you're just a baby!" when they ask me my age.

muffin likes to be different.

love love love this movie. it is a must see!


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

not very many people can pull of red lips- and let me say... you look killer with them! Seriously wear it more.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i'm so glad you loved the movie. i had a feeling you would. i don't know if there is a person in the world that could not love slumdog.

Kami Su said...

Ran in to your blog...long story...but found YOU! My sweet, fun, young women, now all grown and married and has the cutest blog ever!!!!! I'll have to keep up on it, you make me laugh.

Sister Bird :-)

jenny said...

oh my gosh... 1. happy birthday 2. I'm sorry I'm late, I even thought about it.

Logan said...

happiest of birthdays to you!

Nicole Christensen said...

Im sorry i missed this party, looks like fun, my fave combo of gals.

Kayla R. said...

HOW FUN!!!! I am sad I missed out:) Love the pics*

Jene and Megan said...

Happy Belated!! What a blast of a birthday!

Fullmer Family said...

Happy Birthday (belated). Glad it was a good day for you:)

The Wiseman Life said...

Glad you had a fabulous birthday! I love your creative photos!

Stacey Sargent said...

happy birthday emily! love the red lipstick on you!

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