dan steinhilber

byu's museum of art just opened an exhibition for dan steinhilber, and it is killer. he uses everyday objects like florescent bulbs, dry cleaner hangers, trash bags and packing peanuts and manipulates them into some seriously cool installation-type art.
he helps you find beauty in the mundane.

this is made 100% of duck sauce

hanger installation (not from BYU)

and there's one more installation--i don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone who's planning on going-- but i will tell you it consists of packing peanuts, and commercial size dryers. if you ever wondered what it'd be like in a snow globe... oooh i loooved it.

maybe this whackadoodle was his inspiration?

if you're a sixties lover like i am, you might want to scoot on down just to see this in person:
museum = temporary cure for spring fever


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Happy birthday lady!!

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happy birthday!

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