catch 22

i know i resolved to spend quality time with old friends, but in turn i broke another resolution to spend less money on food. so buddies, lets get together and do something other than eat for the next 11 months. deal?

vital background information:
from 2nd to 6th grade i went to private school, (uniforms and everything) and at the end of my 6th grade year i started to stress out (yep, i stressed out then too)because i knew absolutely no one and i was going to public middle school the very next year. my mom thought it would be normal to pull me out of private school and place me in public school for the last three weeks of sixth grade. weirdly enough it worked. i met a lot of new friends and caught the eye of some cuties (new-girl-syndrome) most importantly i met a girl named stephanie robie. we were in the same class together and on my first day of school she reached into her backpack and pulled out an array treats. "would you like some mints or gum?" she asked, and i took a mint lifesaver so gratefully that anyone would even talk to me. she was my "life saver" (i know, wow.) that day, and has been one of my closest friends ever since. love you steph!

how awesome is it that my best friend in 9th grade,
and crystal are now partners-in-crime?

my good friend karli came to town from nyc and we had to hit up pizzeria 712 for their summer squash, bleu cheese and carmelized onion pizza. it is melt-in-your-mouth delish.

i have no clue why, but the joint was EMPTY when we went, and if you've ever tried to have a juicy conversation while the waiter, chef, busser and hostess are in earshot it makes things a little awkward.

barbara is back! thanks to everyone who came and reminisced.

catalog card generator for the bookworm in me found via {here and here}
p.s. i updated my fashion blog for square mag -- here.


Jazz Livingston said...

Umm...I just vote you change your resolution. Because what are we supposed to do if we are not out eating?? Just talk..that is rediculous! Maybe you could change it to, less money spent on taxes, or giving to the needy!

em ♥ russ said...

good plan. i give to the needy on a regular basis. its called lunchtime with crystal.

ah. ooh. burn.

KEH said...

Pizzeria 712 is only for hotties


Oh my gosh, Em!!! Let me tell you how I happened upon this post... TWO YEARS LATER! It's a particularly slow day at work and I google stalked my own name. (I know, weird.) Then all of a sudden this post popped up! Thank you so, so much for the sweet shout-out! I feel so blessed to have you in my life and to call you my friend. You are so, so talented and amazing and truly one in a trillion. Love ya!

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