saturday is a special day

remember when saturdays used to be all sleeping-in, robes, bedhead, slippers, cereal and long showers? i do, but it's a vague, sad, little memory.

after preparing a lesson, a post-christmas party and dinner with buddies hearing the words "wanna get hello yogurt?" from russ' mouth might as well have been
"i have a million dollars, wanna go spend it?" you know plain tart is my favorite stress band-aid.

just when i think my point + shoot couldn't get any dumber, it goes and does something like this... and totally redeems itself!


whoever decided that it was socially acceptable to bring a hand-out when you already spent hours preparing for a lesson in relief society is a crafty oaf who owes me an apology.

{can you spot nanner the nano ipod?}


Anonymous said...

I just read through what I think was your whole blog. It took me about 2 hours, and I loved every moment of it. You have a talent with words, and very entertaining.

Keep up the great work!

Auntie Em said...

handouts in addition to prepping for a less and then actually pulling off said less is insane. I think whomever created that inane idea should be shot!

Logan said...

oh, those lovely long-lost Saturdays of childhood. Adulthood has made my Saturdays the longest, busiest, most work-filled day of the week. How crappy. But ending a Saturday at Hello Yogurt? Fabulous.

CHUNTZ said...

YUM! Invite me next time dangit!

charity said...

socially acceptable is okay by me, but expected is another story. i bet your handouts turned out fabulous and your lesson even better!

The Wiseman Life said...

You are too funny. I have never been to the yogurt place but now I def. want to go.
i must agree with you about the hand outs. honestly...I am in primary and they are doing it. Are they trying to kill us? I hate the keeping up with the Jones. I keep getting sucked in though!

KEH said...

I say screw those handouts. As a frequent recipient, they almost always get thrown away. Who has a place for those?!? And I also like your anon friend up top. What a kind person. Let's go out to dinner again...maybe there will be more people.

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