you'll never guess who is 16 today...

i'll give you a hint:

he's about 5'7, a large mop sized head of hair that grows faster than my b.d.k.d on Thanksgiving.
he quotes movies like poetry, plays guitar {hero} better than jimi himself (may he rest in peace)

need more?

this is a dead give away--
for his birthday dinner he requested frozen pizza, BBQ chips, pink limeade, and Nips caramel candies...
my little brother CASEY!
or "C-Jo-Jo" as he requested when he was 11.
he is 7 years my junior, but more mature than i am, funnier than i am,
and finds bands before i do. holy cow i'm old!

favorite quote of the night: "there's a rock in my nip!"

as is customary on Sunday nights-- we played apples to apples:
Quey loves her thumb, and we love her.

if i had sound on this blog it would be Asian girls giggling.

this is what's called a "bum hand"

happy birthday casey, we love you!


journeytojohanssontown said...

the worst part about my computer being broken is that I miss out on your gem of a blog. Now my life is back where it should be.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i cannot believe that casey is 16. that really makes me feel old.

Kayla R. said...

So Cute Happy Birthday*

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