bedroom shenanigans

i've been talking in my sleep every night for the last month, and i think i'm driving russ insane.

it's always the same situation, i have a dream (where i think i am actually awake) and i see someone, or something in our room. i start yelling to russ to get the shot gun, or something like:
"russ, there's a monkey hanging from the ceiling!" or
"there's a little kid standing by our door... no really he's right there!"

by the time the words come out of my mouth, and i have successfully woken him from yet another foiled REM cycle, i realize:

no emily, there's not a monkey, or a creepy little kid, or a red-eyed lizard in your room. you're crazy. and then i feel really bad for telling russ that "there is 100% for sure a monkey hanging from our ceiling."

what is wrong with me? do i need to feng shui my room? do i need a dream catcher? it's starting to irritate me, and i can't imagine how poor muffin must feel... even though he very patiently and sweetly tells me that once again, nothing is in the room, go back to bed--- EVERY NIGHT.

either way, something must be done. i think our bedroom needs a makeover. i am leaning towards three styles:

{a.} awesomely ostentatious : think marie antoinette // king louis XVI

this is actually her room {rad!}

{b.} clean lines - modern simplicity


kmp furniture

{c.} quirky cool

anything + everything goes.

{pics (unless otherwise noted) are from the decor inspiration mecca known as pointclickhome}
what should i do?
about the room, and my sleeping crises.


Kirsten Sue said...

Ha Ha I'm sorry but that is so funny. Josh does it in his sleep and it is very annoying. Only because he is convinced it is real.

on the room I go with quirky cool. I think it fits you more.

Tiffani said...

LMAO! Last time I came to your blog, I cried reading your baby post, and now I cried because I laughed so hard.

You are good girly.

I agree with Kirsten, quirky is more you then the others.

Sarah said...

You don't know me :) But I am Jenna Toronto Rammell's sister in law and I know Collin, etc. etc. I check your blog occasionally because I really like your style/photos...anyway just wanted to tell you that there is a way easier way to do the silhouettes {I just did it} I'd be happy to share next time if you're interested. my blog is on Jenna's {essielove}

ps. how hard are your headbands? I want to make some for my 3 year old.?? so cute

Dana Dastrup said...

Em: For some reason this brought me back to memories of the Pink house and listening to you and Kim talking back and forth in your sleep!! Ha Ha Ha! Poor Russ! But I am sure he loves listening to what you are going to come up with next!
And second I am pretty sure I get to come see your house again soon because it sounds like you have done a TON of stuff on it and I have only seen it what like 3 times?
Love you!

meagan cohoon said...

I do love lots of color, but I also love the clean lines. I am in the process of re-doing our bedroom and I am loving the clean lines look, it was the Marie Antoinette look for a few years. P.S. I have the same problem with seeing things in the bedroom at night! It's crazy!

Sierra Prina said...

I wonder if you are prego because as soon as i got pregnant, i started having crazy dreams and then i read somewhere that its common when your pregnant?

Lindsay said...

I'm with Sierra... You are totally preggers, I have the most wacked out dreams when I'm pregnant, and I totally think they're real too. Maybe you should go take a test!

Love ya!

Lindsay said...

P.s Love the plate wall! Can you please come decorate my house?

nichole said...

i am all for clean quirky... (at least that is what i am going for.)

enjoy the process...

em ♥ russ said...


that's what everyone keeps telling me! maybe next time i will have to try it. it was kind of fun doing it the old fashioned way, more creative control i felt like.

thanks for saying hi!

Wendy said...

hahah! I love this story, maybe you are pregnant!! I was pretty suprised when I clicked on "you're crazy" and it took me to Paula Abdul's website.


kara jo haught said...

quirky cool... anything and everything does go for SURE!!! Cant wait to see it done!

Stacey Sargent said...

I pick C for you, because thats what I like in my room and seems most like you!

I woke up chris the other night by clapping and yelling!?!
BUt the monkey is hilarious!

{lindy baker cakes} said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
{lindy baker cakes} said...

Matt is scary in his sleep. He woke up one night telling me that "he wants to kill people....lots of people." The creepiest part about it was that he said it while smiling.

Kat Clark said...

Definitely option C and tylenol pm.

ThE GaIL said...

EEMMMM!!! I finally found 3 minutes where I can admire your *cough* BLOG 1. Im not at 'lock down'-aka the office, where I cant fart without 'Eagle" in my grill wondering why it happened 2. Im actually home not doing home work, wrestling Cuddles or SKittle McWittle ..or sleeping.. I miss you Em!! And EVERYTIME I see your Flog i love it. it reminds me how talented you are- and I wish I was. UGH. if only we worked together and could IM links to our fave site--- you know the one.. I guess this lil dear note will have to do. Loves ya-Crystal

Kayla R. said...

ha ha ha!! thats hillarious:) I LOVE THE green*

The Wiseman Life said...

That is hilarious...I am sure in the morning Russ gives you an update of what happened during the night. I actually used to to that for awhile. It was like right when I was drifting off to sleep when it would happen most. Someone told me if you exercise intensely it would go away and it did seem to help....
I have been through that though! lol

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