a virus, a grammy and a haircut.

if you thought i was kidding about pneumonia-- i wasn't. poor russ has got it pretty deep in the lungs, so we've been doing a lot of tea sipping and blanketed T.V. watching.

we did however make it out to my parent's house for dinner on sunday
and out of nowhere this started happening:

i realize that for the normal gal, your man getting a haircut is not "blogworthy"
but when your husband cuts his hair but once a year... it is.

i was the most proud sister watching BK cut his hair.
she did a stellar job,
and only had this picture to go off of.
(a mere hour later they won a Grammy!)

he's so cute i just love him.
i am a happy little wife-nator.
want an appointment?
call (801)655-0797 & ask for bethany!


Kristen said...

Hi EM! I love your blog and I want your yellow headband... Where'd you get it? and If you made it how much would you sell one for? Hope youre doing well!

Kristen Varley Paulson

em ♥ russ said...

hey kristen! yep, i made it and
nope there's no way i would make you pay for one.

i'm making more this weekend for a friend, so e-mail me what you'd want: color of flower, headband color, size etc...


Kellee Marie said...

russ got a hair cut? wow. looks great- props to bethany. Hope he gets well soon- my dad has had pneumonia like 3 or 4 times and it is no good. keep sippin that tea. (my dad did that too)

Amy said...

Sorry to hear your hubby is sick- hopefully that tea will get him better! At least he has a great lookin' hair cut to rest on!

(My little sis does hair too! And super cute headband- LOVE it!

Stacey Sargent said...

love your headbands (i hope you don't think im lame that i sell mine) you are amazing! Loved your post about knowing when to have babies! You will be the best mom in the world!

Anonymous said...

Russ is one handsome man and Bethany is the cutest cosmetologist EVER. . .
BK, why don't you blog your latest creations on your blog? You are a transformer!

kamra said...

Hey Em... Your blog is the best. you are hilarious... (i'm not a creep i swear.. ok maybe i am) But this reminded me, im going to hair school soon, and i am just trying to get some positive feedback on going....so i hope your sister loved it! Your husband looks great!

em ♥ russ said...

kami! how about you get to posting on that blog of yours so i can leave a comment?

bethany loves it at taylor andrews-- she says she chose them because they have great career placement, and a lot of contacts with runway and photoshoot type jobs.

do it!

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