birdie party

the muffmeister and i held a joint party for our birthdays at ye olde progressive power tumbling. i say "ye olde" because A- it smells like feet and rat poo. 2-that warehouse is held together by bits of string and a couple screws. but hey,
don't knock it 'til you try it... and then get pneumonia from inhaling the foam particles.

casey getting some a-yer (and a new hair cut!!!)

love, love, love my friends!
they show up when no one else does. literally.

this is why russ isn't allowed human contact. he'll do anything for the laugh... include break his back. look at trent egging him on! (left corner)
exhibit A:

exhibit B:

milo was DYING to get in on the action.

sibs. charity, casey, me, bethany.
do we look related or what?

i hope this is not foreshadowing for the years to come. but if it is, i will happily sit on a porch swing with charity eating ben and jerry's until we're old and dusty.

don't they look like big babies?

thank you to everyone who showed us their love by coming.

more pics here.


Dana Dastrup said...

Em: It looks like you had a blast!! Sorry I wasn't able to make it, but you know that I love you tons!!

Lindsay Ross said...

oh geez! I totally forgot. Im sorry im a bad birthday friend! my brother is in town from Flordia and i totally spaced it. Hopefully i can still be a part of ELK

em ♥ russ said...

okay, no more "sorry i missed it" comments... it's depressing me.

with love,


jenna marie said...

shiz this is one of those comments. it was a rough day for this first time mamma. i really wanted to be there.
love love you.

journeytojohanssontown said...

I love the pics it was tons of fun. Anytime you can leave a place smelling like a foot you know you have a blast.

Brooke said...

Hey now I left you a comment about your last post and it's not there. But I did say sorry for not coming before you made everyone feel guilty :) He he! Shawn sprained his ankle and then his sister showed up at our house on Sat when I was contemplating going be myself! Love ya!

Lydia said...

Just wanted to say Hi, I came from your sister's scrapbook blog and can't seem to leave yours. Your so hilarious. Happy belated birthday!

p.s. Looks like your friends can't follow directions very well lol!

The Wiseman Life said...

Looks like a serious party! That place really looks like a blast. I hope you had a fun birthday party and hopefully Kris and I can catch the nest one....we are working fools! Miss ya!

Logan said...

PPT is the funnest place ever, despite it's nastiness! Glad you had a fun birthday!

Kellee Marie said...

I couldn't come cuz I was taking a test. lame. but it looked fun and more importantly hope you had fun. happy birthday though!

Kayla R. said...

OMG i am still laughing!!! HOW FUN*

Emma said...

happy late birthday girlf. you have such a fab life, i'm addicted to you....r blog. <3

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