cheer up charlie

you've been eating your favorite snack for dinner
every night... mmm.. grilled corn.

the one and only rashelle made you the most amazing
vinyl masterpiece you've ever seen:

and you finally finished decorating that nook that's been staring at you
all cold and lonely.
{am i the only one who treats my house like it has feelings?}

you re-discovered this album, and it reminded you of your first apartment together,
cooking noodles and dancing in your shoe box kitchen:

if that doesn't work, don't forget to open your top office drawer:

okay, pep talk over, i feel much better.
it can't hurt that we're skipping town in T-minus two hours.
in the words of virginia horsen -- "see ya later suckers"

p.s. if you want some stellar vinyl in your house e-mail
rashelle-- myvdecor {@} gmail {dot} com


charity said...

Come on, Charlie
No need to frown
Deep down you know the world is still your toy
When the days get heavy
Never pitter patter
Up and at'em boy
Some day, sweet as a song
Charlie's lucky day will come along
Till that day
You've got to stay in strong Charlie
Up on top is right where you belong
Look up, Charlie
You'll see a star
Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up Charlie,

Cheer up Charlie,do

Cheer up Charlie

Just be glad you're you

Kayla R. said...

ooohhh i like the vinyl! I am glad i didnt miss out! So this Thursday or next week?!

meagan cohoon said...

That is crazy, I have been looking for that exact saying by Jack Kerouac in a wall vinyl! I also have the Keep Calm and Rock On poster in gray at my house! Thank you for the info.

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