let's get togezzer

togezzer = my favorite word. thanks brady law.

as promised here are some more details on the "spring into this" soiree:

sassafras skirts: doesn't mess around with anything but the most stellar fabrics-- and they're very versatile. high waist, low waist, tube dress, head scarf-- whatevs.

aromatopia candles: wickless, or regular style with a variety of yummy flavors. there's a candle called "fruit slices" that smells EXACTLY like the volcano candle we all know and love.
{for a fraction of the price}

bespoke + bespoken: handcrafted fine jewelry, also the cutest no-frills aprons.

prickly pear onesies: cute, quirky, kitschy and fun onesies for any fashionable sprout in your life.

jane + joy: wearable avant garde style feathered headpieces and headbands. over the top and awesome.

more items to come peep:
tutu petticoats, bows, frilly undies for the baby girls
we're really adding new sellers everyday, so i will try to keep you up to speed.

nicole was so sweet to take some pics of our spring line. liz did them for us at first (i have NO talent with the camera) and then we started taking them ourselves, and they looked amateur to say the least. it's nice having them all unified out in nature and awesome.


Wendy said...

I wish I lived nearby! These look amazing and fun. I am not sure I could pull them off, but they are great!

meagan cohoon said...

Hey Em, when you were doing your silhouette art of you and your hubby, where did you get those amazing frames?

em ♥ russ said...

ikea! my favorite frame ever.

Chuntz said...

YUM! Love those blue candles!

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