"who roofed?"

last week i participated in a "buddies trip". if you ever wished to be a fly on the wall when the men in your life go out of town, i will fill you in:

01. you will have to pull teeth to get them to enter an H&M.
02. you will have to remind them that man cannot live on burgers alone.
03. you will have to either ignore the "roofs" (gas) or laugh at them.
04. you will either participate in their mornings of basketball, tennis, baseball and frisbee or lay on the grass with your tunes.
05. you will laugh so hard that you will roof and your husband will take the blame. (now that's love.)

russ + friends are really some of the funniest people i know. getting them all together for 5 days is the best entertainment you will find.

luckily for them my camera lens broke the 1st day so there are no incriminating photos. but, t-bone got some for me.

eating at my favorite restaurant yardhouse.
russ' mom ingrid is a GM in palm springs and hooked us up. thanks ingrid!

sooo much food. 12 appetizers for 7 people is ludicrous.

muffin and i have many pics just like this one. i love the bellagio show.

i wasn't the ONLY girl. we stayed with the clayton family, sincerely, the nicest people i know. we had such a good time with them. cami saved my life at times.

LV overstimulates a simple girl like me so you can see why this was my favorite part of the trip:
harvest moon from emily frame on Vimeo.


The Wiseman Life said...

You are a trooper to go on a guys trip...I laughed so hard because all those are so true!
You are always up to fun....

meagan cohoon said...

sounds like a blast! I'm going to
Vegas tomorrow, yeah for trips!

Jene and Megan said...

That is the most hilarious group of guys I think I've met! Sounds like you guys had a blast...and 12 appetizers sounds deliciable!

Chuntz said...

Preety sure youre the Beedees mom and dad.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I agree. Funniest guys I know. I love it. You look beautiful in these pictures. Wow. Looks like a fun trip.

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Harvest Moon is one of my favorites. It's my dad through and through. What a fun trip! I imagine those boys kept you very entertained!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

So I was totally going to come down with this little group but turns out school and work got the best of me. Too bad because i could've helped you out in raising the estrogen in the group a bit. But at least those guys are funny and always entertaining.

em ♥ russ said...

kellee! i am glad i heard that after the fact or i would have been bumming knowing you could've been there with me.

charity said...

your hair is getting so long!

Cami said...

it looks like i'm not wearing any pants in the video. ha!

em ♥ russ said...

you aren't cami. that's how campire sing alongs roll.

CHUNTZ said...

Love you and your pic with just you and all the beedees...how do you do it?! bless your heart! Great to see you last night you little rockstar

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