the show

thanks to charity's pal melissa (and greg laswell's current/ex/undecided lady friend)
we got to meet everyone.

bethany, me, charity and melissa

bethany trying to dig her way backstage

i saw a side of bethany i didn't know before... she LOVES musicians.
and they all fell in love with her.
spence fausett of city swell

greg laswell... he looks like a handsomer jeff daniels no?
he was super nice, a tad under the influence.

*cue the choir: aaahhh*
sisters + yams
she was sincerely the nicest, funniest most complimentary famous person i've met.
she makes you feel like you're pals in seconds. she's great.

so did i tell her that i listened to her "happenstance" album every day for six months
when i was 17?
or that it was her music that kept me from scratching my eyes out during
a hilariously horrible time in my life?
nope, didn't really want to creep her out.

*side note: she was my first find on CD Baby.
(the site for you if you're looking for underground, indie label or unsigned music)


{lindy baker cakes} said...

you all look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Can you and your sisters please break down your outfits. I need to know where and what!!!! I promise I am not creepy stalker girl but I am embarssed to say who I am.

em ♥ russ said...

i never know if i can take anonymous comments seriously. i don't know what my sisters are wearing... but i am in a vintage robe altered into a top, an old navy belt, a MHM headband and William Rast jeans and gold glitter Toms.

Anonymous said...

And the leather jacket!!! I love your whole outfit.

Kayla R. said...

dido LIN! You ladies are gorgeous!!! Looks like you had alot of FUN!

em ♥ russ said...

the jacket is from gap. no need to be shy anon, we can be friends.

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