{like love loathe}

anthropologie's windflower necklace

like a little more: making it yourself.
think we should feature these in the shop?
brills idea by rashelle.


Motley HandMade will be at the Beehive Bazaar!
{April 30 - May 2}
check out our profile as well as 50 other talented fools
at beehive bazaar's website here.
many thanks to Colett for recommending us.
holy smokes we've got a lot to do.
dear april,
it seems as though you are experiencing an identity crisis.
this is what you're supposed to look like:

not this:

i am so happy it's conference weekend. i need it.


Whitney said...

I really like those necklaces!! Definitely put them in your shop!

allegra said...

those necklaces are darling. for sure. and you're talented whipping them up yourself. impressive, my friend.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

agree! it will be way funny!

Colett (*.*) said...

imagine my surprise when i went to your BB profile and found our lovely Ryley as your model, good choice! I can't wait to see all of your goods and buy em up!

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