meet Gavin. {aka "Bill"}
gavin, although he is quite mature for his age, is only five.
russ and gavin are two peas in a pod.
intellectually, spiritually, emotionally on the same page.

i'm creating this post so i can update it with the ridiculous things these
two say to each other that have me laughing to tears.

"hey russy... get outta here."
"p.s. Kevin McAllister"
"we dooo what we dooo."
"i know somesing!"
"ah man, this is the life."
"and 1, that's a technical, get on your knees."
"one more time and you're going home." {gavin to russ after russ boofed on him.}
"that kid was in my head, so i told him i was going home." {russ is telling me what he did that day when i got home from work.}
"hey emily, can russ ride bikes?"


jenna marie said...

did i miss the post about russ's hair? um he look so clean cut!! :) i'm still debating if i can pull of a headband. can i? love.

journeytojohanssontown said...

still my favorite is when russ says that gavin is in his head. And when gavin called the old man running down the road a russ.

Auntie Em said...

So cute! and when did Russ get rid of all his hair?

em ♥ russ said...

i came home one night to his buzzed head. i absolutely can't get enough of it. he looks so handsome, he may never be able to grow it out again.

CHUNTZ said...

I love my head band, love it!

CHUNTZ said...

Youre such a blog bully!

Nakita Ellis said...

This is pretty hillarious! I love kids like this! And...to answer your question we live East of Heber up in the mountains - hence the butt loads of snow! BLAH!

jenna marie said...

dear emily,
please go back to posting more often. the baby is in bed and i miss your quips.

Emma said...

this is so funny. love it.

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