the summer music festival incorporates my three favorite guilty pleasures:

a. rock and roll
b. fashion
c. people watching

every year we say we're going to coachella [its 10 minutes from my mom-in-law's house]
and every year we bail because of fa-reaking finals.
i've been staring wistfully at who what wear, facehunter,
elle and flickr's photo albums

and trying not to cry that the following bands never come to utah:

black keys
we are scientists
band of horses
cloud cult
dr. dog
the kills
yeah yeah yeahs

read more at my fashion blog here.


jenna.marie said...

damn you. call me i have something funny/irritating to tell you.

Logan said...

I looked up that HR1388--yeah, super scary! I was reading about it all night. I am honestly flabbergasted!

Wendy said...

Congrats to the winners! I need to look these bands up, I've only heard of the yeah yeah yeahs.


Emma said...

emily! the countdown is 15 days tomorrow, its coming so fast! i took my bridals with nicole yesterday, I LOVE HER! thank you so much for recommending her, she is fabulous. we took pictures in the pink orchard you told her about, amazing. i'm so excited to see the pics.

ps i'm glad you like our announcement!!

Lindsay said...

so about the whole graduating thing. It is so sad that it has now takin me 6 years to graduate going on 7. what is wrong with me!!! You are so close, and extremely lucky you are done in one more semester! I have to go to school with people we weren't even in high school with (big sigh)

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I wish so much band of horses came here. but hey we've got a free concert to bon iver this summer. I suppose I can't get too greedy in a recession..

Jasmine said...

i looooove band of horses! so much! i haven't had a chance to see them yet either so don't feel too alone. :)

Bryn Bateman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bryn Bateman said...

hey! i just saw your comment on my page. Sorry it doesn't usually take me a week to get back to people! but you can email me at brynbateman@gmail.com and just let me know what color/s you want.

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