the next ronaldo

if you thought maybe muffin had hit his cap for organized sporting teams you'd be wrong.
[is it weird that i love it and don't mind at all?]
he started his spring soccer league a few weeks ago, but the games were so derned
early {9 a.m. is early} i never went until now.
imagine my surprise when the opposing team, collectively, had not yet hit puberty.

when they switched from zone to man-to-man defense
#8 was "riding my back" to quote russ.
yeah... he's about 4'9.


Jazz Joyner Livingston said...

So do you get to be "team mom" and bring them orange slices and grapes???

em ♥ russ said...

i try to be the "cool" mom so it's all sunny D and rice krispie treats. they'd stone me if i brought fruit.

elizabeth said...

laughing out loud at the last two lines... haha!
cool moms bring 'squeeze-its' (do they still make those?)

journeytojohanssontown said...

Chad asked me why I didn't take pictures of him. So guess what I will be doing next game.

Lindsay said...

em, your hilarious! I love you more every time I read!

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