it's raining h.b.'s halelujah

tonight is the night my friends.

after weeks of preparation | 45 hot glue blisters | cramped hands in the shape of scissors| classic rock blaring | a lot of glazed stares in rashelle's direction |

it is here.
we're selling h.b.'s galore, clips, necklaces and a new line of rosettes
that will knock your booties off. we haven't had time to update the etsy shop so it's all
new and never before seen.

beehive bazaar opens for business tonight at 9 p.m!
we'll be hanging out tonight trying to soak it all in, so come say hi!
get some hummus and pita chips and stimulate your local economy
[i know i will.]

here's a sneak preview of what to expect -- yep. we're displaying it just like this.
if you can guess how many pieces are in this pile of blood.sweat.tears
you can come get one for freeeee.

WAIT! one more thing.
a couple weeks ago i did an interview with the daily universe
about MotleyHandMade.
well, it went to print today... read it here.


Lindsay said...

I'll guess 356, but if I'm right you'll have to mail it to me. I wish I could be there to see your beautiful accessories, and have some hummus with you!
Good Luck tonight, I hope you sell out!

em ♥ russ said...

thanks Linners. i wish you could be here too.

give bear a belly rub for me.

Amy said...

WOW! Looks like you've been crazy busy! Wish I could stop by.. but Florida's a little far! Good luck!

Oh, and by the way- I know this is going to sound totally creepy, so if it freaks you out pretend I never said it.. haha but, I had a dream that we were really good friends the other night. I woke up thinking- whoa, who was that girl? And then realized it was you, someone I've never actually met. haha

charity said...

what?! look at my famous family in-print everywhere!

my guess is 140. hehe :)

Cody said...

I love having creative friends like you!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i'm coming tonight, and apparently so is every other girl i've talked to in utah county. good luck!

Karly said...

haha, I'm glad your not super freaked out by the jumpsuit either, and IT IS super comfy. I wore it to Sunday Dinner at my in laws and Ted just about died ;)

The Howards said...

I want to stop by but where? Looooooovvee ya. (open wide mouth) and dont worry because you get to sit down when you get home so get up,

collin said...


liz stanley said...

hey i just have a say a couple things. first off, i love your stuff. really beautiful. one, i'm an editor at yourheartout.com and just posted about your goods seen at the bazaar last night here:
and second, your table at the bazaar was for sure the HOTTEST spot at the bazaar. most of the stuff was gone by about 10pm. you might want to get that glue gun out today! I picked up a headband for my little sis.

liz stanley said...

oh, i also posted is on my blog here:

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