summer champ

here are the candids from the summer fashion spread for square magazine.
matt thought of "summer champ" that clever dog.
we were going for lovey-dovey camp counselors
who blow of their kidlets for a little weekend adventure and end up in their skivvies.
all is well that ends well right?

me and chief.

putting the wellingtons to good use while
pretending to direct the canoe that already made it to the other side.

between heidi and my grandma there was some wicked jewelry present.

i like big butts...
do i look like i am floating?

locals- you can click here for a list of stores that carry the *free* mag.
the issue is out now but you can see the spread online here.

p.s. beehive was amazing last night. i will fill you in next week,
but just wanted to give a holla to my new friend cindy.

here's the shoot


jenna said...


Lindsey S. said...

first you look great and second I love heidi!

severegirl said...

Thanks for the shout out Emily! By the way, I rocked your necklace last night at my daughter's dance competition. I think it is clear to say that people were staring! Ha! (in a good way!)Thanks for being so sweet to me. I kinda felt stalker-ish. Didn't mean to...just like your blog. Makes me feel like I have my finger continually on the pulse of coolness! Hope you guys did great at the beehive.

em ♥ russ said...

yeah, i am sure you rocked it!

thanks for saying hi, it does wonders for the confidence when you hear people enjoy what you have to say!


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