running on fumes

just wanted to re-cap this weekend before i forget...
beehive bazaar was fantastic, such a great experience and well worth all the work.

opening night. i was super nervous, basically everything that COULD go wrong- DID go wrong but, we managed to get everything set-up before it started.
everyone made fun of me because it started at 9:00 p.m. and by 9:03 i couldn't watch anymore. when you put your heart out for the world to see in the form of something you've created; watching other people inspect it, make faces at it and then put it back on the table is killer. but by 9:05-- things changed.

that night was definitely huge for us. we made 180 headbands for the WHOLE weekend and by thursday night we had 20 left. it was so rewarding watching swarms of people at your table. they weren't inspecting them anymore, they were protecting them!
needless to say-- we had to make more.

at about 10 p.m. i was starving so we left and went to sammy's.
i recommend, it was really good. i got the el paso chicken sandwich and
they have awesome sweet potato fries and pie shakes.

we both look hammered, and we felt hammered too.
i only got 4 hours of sleep and i felt it that day. i had to leave work early and sleep. i started to feel a migraine come on, which is never good...i totally threw up. charity said it must have been from all the excitement-- i say who throws up from excitement? baby kittens that's who.
i wish i could say this picture was staged, but it's legit.

at this point i had to drive up to our wholesaler to get more supplies so i made it a sister's trip and we went shopping at gateway after. 'twas pouring rain.
no one would fork out 20$ for an umbrella so i guess this is what happened:

people could not handle these bags on our heads.

sure i was running on adrenaline all weekend, but so many great things
came of putting motley handmade out there for utah county to see.
thank you to everyone for your support!

p.s. i want to wish a very happy birthday to my sister liz!
read collin's hilarious tell-all here.


Amy said...

Sounds like the night went great- even after all the stress! Congrats!

Leslie said...

Your booth was on fire when i went on thursday! I couldn't believe it!!

Kirsten Sue said...

Congrats! I loved all your stuff. I couldn't believe that so much of it was already gone when I got there. I can't wait till the next Bazaar!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this post?

Kayla R. said...

FUN! i love the homemade unbrellas (gap bags ha ha ha)!

Michelle said...

just came upon your blog.. and just by reading the captions bout you and your hubz.. pretty sure we'd get along superbly. love your etsy stuff to!

Brooke said...

Good for you! Go Motely Made!


Congrats ... wish I was hip enough to pull off one of those headbands - they are ADORABLE!

Kit said...

aaah...dear Em....Just when i thought I would never laugh again, you come along with your fab headgear and I am laughing out loud, despite being sick and going through a stinking divorce!

Thank you my inimitable daughter....love you love you love you love you love you appreciate you love you adore you love you am so glad you are mine!!!!

AmyK said...

At least it's a creative solution! Bahaha! GAP should have paid you for the advertising. :]

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