dear self,

just wondering how it feels when Sprouts many many years your younger
dress many many times cooler than you do?

inquisitive warm regards,

don't you want this kid to take you on a date?
{the sartorialist}


Leslie said...

These kids are too cute, I disagree you dress pretty cool to me.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

That little boy is to die for.

charity said...

SO cute! do they make those clothes in big people size?

Jene and Megan said...

cute kiddos!! I hope I dress Eric dapper when he gets a little bit older and not so drooly. :)


That's just SO not fair!

Heather said...

What the...these little ones have the BEST sense of style EVER (or at least their moms do!). Hopefully Cole will be able to dress as fantastic as these lads!

Karly said...

you looked stylin at UVU today. I have to take a few classes this summer to finish, and dont worry, I totally tricked my self into thinking I was done this past weekend. I could hardly sit in my chair. june 25 cant come soon enough :)

Jasmine said...

awwww! they're so adorable! i can't wait to have babies and dress them up like mini cool kids.

Michelle Pilar said...

dude.. makes me feel sorry bout my wardrobe life for sure!

my goal: dress my kids like these litta tykes

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