if you give a girl a garden {part deux}

if you're a really stalwart reader then you know that sometime last year i started a garden. that garden started and ended with me pushing a tiller around. well, after some encouragement from the religious leadership in our area, we finally finished! and you know by we, i mean russ.

we decided on grow boxes to keep it manageable.
three boxes: one for herbs, one for fruit, and one for vegetables.
{painting the boxes was my contribution}

muffin planted six fruit trees all along our property line
{apples, plums, peaches, cherries}
they won't sprout fruit for a couple years, which is fine,
because with that comes the deer turds and
i'm not emotionally prepared to step in deer turd right now.

hopefully it's apparent these weren't taken with my point + shoot.
russ and i bought a SLR last week and we are still giddy-school-girls about it.
let it be known that this camera is my mount everest.
i will master this beast if it kills me.
i can't count how many times liz has tried to explain {ISO, white balance, aperture} to me.
i lump those words with things like :
quantum physics...understanding the book of Isaiah... the purposes of a Cricut.


Cody said...

I love your garden!

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

LOL ISO, White Balance, Aperture are those clothing lines :)I don't get it either.

Leslie said...

I can't believe your hubby! He does everything, can he come live at my house?

Wren said...

I love that you garden!! P.S. Thanks so much for the link:)


{lindy baker cakes} said...

Love it!!!!

jenna said...

i'm so jealous. of
1. your garden
2. your camera

cPk said...

Em! You are amazing. I dont know how you do it all. Teach me! Your paint job looks great. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm glad 1 person reads it! Yes from anthro. love that store.

Emma said...

those boxes are my favorite color! love it.

Amy said...

Love those! Great color too!

You should check out jessicasprague.com There's a beginners photog class on there that is pretty helpful. Have fun with your new camera!

Jene and Megan said...

That's awesome! Jene and I need to start one but we are waiting to move into our house first. I love the color of your garden boxes!

Wendy said...

Awesome! I am guessing you did your research on the camera hunt,
mind sharing what kind of camera you got?

Jazz Joyner Livingston said...

You know what comes with fresh fruits and veggies right?? Baking and canning! I look forward to receiving my jars of goodness in the mail! :)

Kat Clark said...

You're so brave! Or maybe I am just totally impressed because I kill every plant I touch. No joke. I bought a poinsettia 5 days before Christmas and yes, you guessed it, she was dead by the actual holiday. Great shots!

Kit said...

Russ did such an amazing job at your house and then he still wasn't yet out of steam and had some juice leftover to come put in three grow boxes for your mama! What a man!

Today he drove me to Cook's Nursery... I'm sure I bought WAY too many plants...but tomorrow there will be instant garden at my house, too! Even little baby lettuces 3" tall!

Thanks so much, RUSS! You are AMAZING! I feel so good to be more self-reliant; except I really am not self-reliant, I am Russ reliant....I appreciate SO much your strong help!

Momma Kit

Lindsay said...

Always love catchin up with you! You make me laugh. memories, memories!

Robb & Annie said...

K, Emily, HOpefully you will remember me and get this comment. I am Annie from the expo that LOVES your cute headband and can't wait for June to roll around at the Bijou Market thingy. Keep me posted on all your sweet stuff and if you have some fun get rid of old stuff sales on your awesome headbands. It was good talking to you...you are absolutely darling. Thanks for supplying the headbands for my mother's day gift. I will see you soon. Annie (and Brighton)

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