my kind of spin class

i've wanted a cruiser for-ev-er. to reward myself for a jarb well done at beehive bazaar
i bought a bike for me and russ.
you can't pry me off this thing. i am sitting on it right now.
sunday evening we went for a little family bike ride.

i see now why people say i am intimidating. this is my resting face. death glares all around!

01. charity says "watch this!" 02. charity pulls a tokyo drift move 03. charity eats curb.

i really couldn't be happier than this moment right hurr.

i take it back. right here.

want to hear something awesome? scotty's cruisers
(where we got these ultra affordable cruisers)
will be selling at bijou market!
i couldn't be more stokiestoked.


Sara said...

That last pic is ADORABLE! You need that one blown up and hung on a wall somewhere.

Andrea said...

I am completely jealous of your bikes Emily. I've wanted a Cruiser forever too!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I have wanted one FOREVER!!!

elizabeth said...

love the pics!

and the cruisers, collin's already picking his out.

Kat Clark said...

So you've heard that joke about a redneck's last words? "Watch this!"
BTW all of your slanginess in this post really tells me that youare in love with your new bikes. Cute.

Jasmine said...

so cute! i loooooove my beach cruiser!

Logan said...

Cruisers are the best. Dave and I absolutely love ours! They make for the best summer memories.

Lindsay said...

you guys are so cute, and I can't believe how long your hair is. It's beautiful!!!

Stacey Sargent said...

Chris and I adore riding bikes! Love these Scotty cruisers!

p.s. Ill get you pictures asap for bijou market! I am excited!

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