big yellow star

it's been awhile since i cleaned out my starred items section on google reader.
here's what i've been loving lately:

01. what is it about miniature anything that gets me every time?
miss bibi via {kingdom of style}

02. the Ave-meister is three next week (i can hardly believe it) and i keep coming back to this video we caught at our family vacation in newport beach. she's changed so much!

03. i want this above my T.V.
{a little sussy}

04. drooled over this room tour from design sponge,
how cute would this bright wall be in a nursery?

05. maybe a nursery is on my mind, cause this DIY night light is amazing.

06. i keep laughing that i had three mint brownie recipes starred -- i already have a recipe, but i just love looking at the pictures. marta writes or happy:blissful! (pictured)

07. i absolutely LOVE everything i see on Color Me Katie. she pulls the loveliest little pranks on people that have me smiling for days. it's really hard to pick a favorite, but cut out shadows tops the list.

08. ever feel like your weekends are always baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties or holidays? i do. for that i need this stamp {SwissMiss.}

09. i know these are for kids, but i could spend hours with these little plates. {via g.lock}

10. i am addicted to street style blogs like the sartorialist, jack + jil, face hunter, garance doré and now elle magazine's daily street style blog. her outfit is todiefor.

i love you google reader but you're struggling lately.
you probably won't read this til next tuesday.


laceyJ. said...

Sweet round-up!

Don't worry- I always star anything with chocolate+mint... thanks for the shout-out. Those cookies were delish!

jenna said...

what is up with google reader??? glad i'm not the only one annoyed. can't wait to see what kind of nursery you come up with. and what kind of baby you two cook up. :) glad you are loving the BEST blog of all times...she has been on such a crazy roll. i love it.

elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
elizabeth said...

i'm laugh-crying watching that video of avery... when did she grow up??

love the plates, outfit, shadows... love everything!


elizabeth said...

PS not that it's a big deal, but maybe the time is wrong in your blog under settings? who knows. :)

Jasmine said...

mmmm. i had mint chip ice cream today. mint brownies sound yummmmmmms.

i love anything miniature too. it's been that way since i was a little girl. does anyone else remember quints??? ohhhh how i loved my quints.

and it's not just google reader that's struggling. my blog list (on my page) hasn't been updating either. i was kinda freaking out a little this morning, but i calmed down once i realized that it was happening to us all. i hope they sort it out soon!

Kirsten Sue said...

The plates are my favorite!

robin said...

you don't know me but i'm commenting because that's how i roll. . .

i just got my motley headband i ordered and LOVE it.

i need your style. i struggle . . .

jenna said...

oh my gosh. it had been a while since i read seriously so blessed. but you are seriously so right. their blogs are IDENTICAL!!!

Kayla R. said...

what a FUN post! i want those plates...ha

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