white on white

can i just preface with my discomfort towards posting outfits.
i enjoy paper cuts slightly more.
but, i keep telling myself as i have been told before, "get over yourself emily." [thanks mom.]
here's my latest square assignment:

01. white s/s tee urban outfitters//white dress h&m//vintage belt//urban outfitters sandals
02. straw fedora h&m// white pocket tee gap//shade tulip skirt//gap belt//gold glitter TOMS
03. handmade knit headband/hanes white tee//forever 21 white jeans//steve madden ruffle t-straps

i love white on white, i have for a long time.
the last outfit reminds me of something...

oh yeah, i did the exact same outfit on polyvore last year.
i am ripping off my own ideas.
white on white

you can read the article here.


Kristin said...

You look fabulous!! Love love love that second look!

Anonymous said...

This is why I come to your blog so please keep it up!

jasmine said...

i love white on white too. after yellow, white is my favorite color...or non color. LOVE IT!

the second outfit is killllller. you look fantastic, emily!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i loved that cover also.
i watch to watch it with you. we can make endless jokes about bad, bad, guhl if you want.

The Howards said...

beautamous! (however you spell) You look stunning.

Gaia said...

NICE Outfits!
I love white on white too now , for summer, is perfect but I do prefer it on winter , I like to wear it with coats or my boyfriend sweater ...
thanks for stopping by!

Federica said...

You look gorgeous with that white dress!
So fresh and clean!


cPk said...

where did you get the shoes in the bottom pic? I love them!

em ♥ muffin said...

steve madden. and they are really really comfortable- no lie.

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