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Bijou Market is three weeks away and i am in denial! for the new readers who don't know, (hello lovelies!) Bijou Market is a local handmade event that i am hosting with some pals on
june 27, 2009 from 2-8 p.m.

if you go to our website www.bijoumarket.com you can see all the vendors, what we're selling, the address and info if you want to sell too! we're taking vendors until June 13th.

Bijou is a break-off of the first event (Spring Into This!) we hosted in March this year. it was a blast and we had enough vendors itching for more so here we are again.

we hired on my sister Charity to do the graphics for advertising and i knew they would be stellar, but her talent never ceases to amaze me.

and we have benjamin buttons GALORE! if you put a button on your blog, leave a comment on this post and we will enter you for a GIVEAWAY! winner will get 50$ towards any purchase during the event!


jenna said...

it's on the blog. and yes i'm responding so quickly. addicted to my computer much? oh & i guess my mother in law is one of the vendors. so i'll be there. with bells on :)

Auntie Em said...

Its up on mine too... I hope i did it right! Maybe if I win it will give me a good excuse to drag Anna down to Provo with me ;-)we could both use a good excuse to get out of the valley

Prina Family said...

Count me in for that drawing! Its on my blog. I want some of those onsies for the new babe so bad!

Prina Family said...

k what? i need help. how do i get the image on my blog so when people click on it, it takes them to the website? sorry, im a looser i know

Cody said...

I wish I was in Utah so I can go! You always have fun extravaganzas.

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

It's on my blog too what a brilliant idea!!

Kristin said...

That flyer is amazing!

Lindsay said...

ya dont know how to put it on my blog???? (i am a computer loser)

Lindsay said...

I meant the bijou button

Fullmer Family said...

It will be on me old blog. btw, i am loving the white on white! It is just hard with 3 kids, but i am doing it!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

count me as entered.

Shannon :-) said...

Sounds like this will be a blast.
Wish I could go but I live in Wisconsin.
I put a banner on my blog.
Stevens Point, WI.

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