framewood mac

last week we saw Fleetwood Mac up at the energy solutions arena. i don't know how to describe it without going overboard on the superlatives and hyperboles. but, it was a life changing experience. you couldn't wipe the goofy-grins off us all night... until they played "Silver Springs" and then we were in tears.

we got muffin on air-drums || me on air guitar (i've been told it looks more like a bass)

the most age diverse concert ever, as well as some awesome people watching. 
i had to wonder if these people wear leather chaps and cowboy hats in their normal attire?


The Taylors said...

JEALOUS! That would be a sweet concert! and I bet THEY were sweet in concert!

jasmine said...

you guys would go to a fleetwood mac concert 'cause you're cool like that. i am a little disappointed that you two weren't wearing leather chaps for the occasion though.

jenna said...

jealous! you look skinny.

Wren said...

Those sandals are amazing! And you're a winner again! (But that doesn't mean you have to repost!:))



chari-o said...

silver springs does it to me too. as does that flipping awesome skirt you whipped up.

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