oh jilly, jilly, jilly

i wasn't going to admit this... but in light of recent events i guess i will put in my $.02.
i totally watch the bachelorette. it's charity's fault. she got me hooked on deanna's season, then in turn i had to watch jason's, and now...
it's like how i've gained 25 pounds since i got married and didn't realize it
until i had a doctor's appointment. creeps up real slow.
but enough of that.

kiptyn -- has he recently graduated from the "Y"? because i feel like i know 30 kiptyns.
-- he's got a little edge to him which i can appreciate, but i don't think he's that attracted to her. body language people... watch for it!
michael -- i like michael. he's funny. but, she's too boring for him. yeah she's boring, as hard as she tries to look fun, she's not that fun.
wes -- wow. get him outta there. can't wait for captain jake to come and spill the beans on this douchery.

reid -- please win reid. i think you're cute, you look like sean penn and have baby cheeks like my husband. you're neurotic and i love it! i just want someone to eat gum off of the floor in front of you just so i can laugh.

and guess what my friends... one of bijou's vendors, ritzy misfit is bringing her stamped initial necklaces ($22.00) and guess who wears one on next week's episode? sweet huh!

hope it brings you luck jilly-goose.

p.s. the pink chairs in yesterday's post are from Buy Low Grocery Store- in Provo, UT. they have lime green too!


Kat Clark said...

Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself. I 100 % agree with all of your assesments. You know who Michael's double is? Jessie from Deanna's season. No wonder it didn't work out between those two because she was even more boring than Jillian. Don't you wish you could just send her an email letting her know what you see so obviously?! That way she won't chose a totaly douche and make us all annoyed.

jenna said...

peeing my pants. miss you.

Lindsay said...

love this post!!!! i really think Ed will come back!!! i liked him!

kara jo haught said...

THANK YOU!!! a total guilty pleasure for me too! But I don’t feel THAT guilty watching it. As much as Sam hates to admit it (and refuses to watch it himself) he always wants to know what happened! Poor Jake for being "that guy" to come back but it will make for a REAL nice Monday night!!

kara jo haught said...

p.s. i also think that we haven't seen the last of dear Ed. (my front runner if he hadn't left!!)

jenny said...

the same thing has happened to me. I'm totally addicted and I love Reid. I'm so glad you agree!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I loved Ed. I wish he'd come back!!! I really like Kiptyn, but I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan of that name. Reid's cute. Oh and I love the stamped necklace.

cPk said...

Reid is so cute... love his black glasses.

The Taylors said...

I love Jillian! I like those chairs too! Might have to take a looksie.


I had to give the show up after the whole Jason/Melissa fiasco. Totally love Jillian and hope she finds a keeper.

Bean said...

Well said. Seriously. I soooo agree! I really liked Jake, too. Reid is ADORABLE. I also really liked Ed...he was friggin hot! I agree about Kiptyn. Couldn't have said it better. And I am seriously debating buying a necklace with a J...if Canandian Jillian can be cute wearing it, Utah Jillian can, too. :)

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