june twenty-first

on father's day we hosted the family for a little nosh and cul-de-sac stick ball:

we're loving our new hot pink adondirdack chairs 2/$10.00. dead serious.
he terrifies me sitting up there. the porch is HALF way done. russ is a rockstar.

loving avery's pink pretties.

a couple bumps on a log.
bethany got her wisdom teeth out
and casey's just being supportive.

nothing better than Q kisses

the men in my life. my brother chad isn't here... YET.
they're moving back for a whole month!
i can't wait. i've missed them so.

this week is sort of ridiculous... i've got finals, i'm under two deadlines at work, planning a photoshoot for square, and of course Bijou!
have you been keeping up on the vendor line-up?
i have to do 2-a-day posts just to get everyone on there by Saturday!
serenity now, serenity now, serenity now...


collin said...

why do I look like I have a glass eye? "I love you, Chunk!"

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

I am obsessed with Quincey!!! I busted out when I read serenity now serenity now sometimes during the day when I am trapped in that room I call hell I text chris that.

Phoenix said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and am adoring it... your photos are gorgeous and I LOVE your Jack Kerouac quote :)


jasmine said...

yikes. you DO have a lot going on this week!!! i'll pray for you. you're gonna get through it! you will!

and baby q looks SOOOOO much like you!!

jenna said...

oh my gosh i'm loving your dad in that pic.

Wren said...

Holy crap, that bebe is slaying it with her cute dimple!


Matt Clayton said...

You kids are so freakin' hip. Pink chairs and all.

kate lines said...

you have to tell us where you got those chairs.

Lindsay said...

you must get your long locks from your pops....No really though, your hair is getting way long, I love it!

cPk said...

love that skirt... where's it from?

em ♥ muffin said...

i actually made that skirt?! my sis charity helped me and it was super easy, fabric was 2.00/yard at wal-mart.

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