none mothers i guess.

Sundance blew us away this weekend! literally. about two hours in it was like monsoon season up there and our tent really and truly blew up and away- thank goodness for my Mom, Liz and some guy named Dana.

our poor business cards... we lost most of them to the wind.

during the two hours it didn't rain this weekend we
completed another essential summer activity:
the outdoor movie...
(really any excuse to spoon muffin is an essential summer activity.)

if you can guess which movie, we're soulmates.


Lindsay Ross said...

im going to guess the sandlot

em ♥ muffin said...

ah yes lindsay. the only other person who shares my love of fart theories and movies geared to 8 year old boys.

jasmine said...

oh man! she already got it! i was gonna guess the sandlot toooooo! hmmmph.

that ice cream is looking rather tasty...

Logan said...

I was gonna say Sandlot too. Only the best movie EVER made! Well, that and Newsies :o)

elizabeth said...

sundance was fun even though it rained us out right when we got there! and the movie was perfect to start summer off... one of the best quote movies

"that wimpy deer?"


Collin keeps saying "neat" to everything! lol

kate lines said...

dang! i knew it was sandlot.

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