sundance children's festival

need something free to do with the babysprouts tomorrow?
come say hi to me and the old motley crew from 10-4.
it should be a wild party, or as wild as a party can be with a car seat check service.
we made a special line of headbands for kids just for the event.
i heard robert redford will be there.
do you know sundance employees call him robert rudeford?
there's a bit of useless trivia for ya.

two side notes:

a. i've been staring at these all morning, and i don't know how much more i can take.
i may need to drive to springville tonight.

b. i've been streaming Regina Spektor's new album that comes out Tuesday.
it's pretty darn good. it's no soviet kitsch, but i approve!
click here to have a listen -- "blue lips" is the best!

have a great weekend and a happy father's day!


elizabeth said...
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elizabeth said...

we will see you at sundance! i used to work there back in the day (at the plays)... weird to have kids to take now. i never met mr. rudeford though. that's funny

and those cupcakes look so yum- anyways, ttyl. :)

rebecca said...

we might need to be friends in real life instead of just on the blogosphere? cant wait for regina... also, the coffee shop i work at sells cupcakes by cupcake chic! the coffee pod in provo:) the keylime pie is my fave but i dont think there is any right now. they are all as delicious as they are cute!

robin said...

thanks for commenting on my (well, your) headband on my blog.

confession: i check your blog a lot and love it.

megan and melissa said...

Sounds fun. Thanks for the heads up! My niece and nephew would love something like this. Have a great weekend!

Lorina said...

I love your blog! It's so fun. And I love your music choice.

jasmine said...

oh my gosh! don't show me those cupcakes!!!! you're making me so jealous! they look amazazazing!

and i cannnot wait for new regina. woooo!

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