"i've never seen you this white. ever"

last week bethany and i went swimming at my dad's condo. as soon as i dropped my cover-up and sat on the lounge chair, bethany turns to me with a sincere and disturbed look on her face.... "i've never seen you this white. ever."

other concerns BK raised that day:
is that a onesie? hellooo it's called a romper.
is that a floppy garden hat? lindsay

i love my sisters, they always keep me in check.
let it be known that i hit the "boost color" button 3 times on iPhoto.


Sara said...

Ha ha - that is funny! Perfect words that only come out of the mouth of a sister! Love it!

KELLY said...

I had a white towel when we were at the beach, and my husband said, "I don't know where the towel ends and your legs begin!"

jenna said...

love boost. love your legs. amazing.

Candace said...

Hahaha! This is the story of my life these days! I miss the summers where the only thing on my agenda was the pool. Good times.

Lindsay Ross said...

Rob said the same thing to me! we better start having swim days... I love my $8 floppy garden hat!

liz stanley said...


Kami said...

awww...sisters, they bring us back to reality.

ps. Love the Onesie! er I mean Romper. Gotta love the word romper. :0

Kayla R. said...

that is funny...gotta love sisters:) YOU look GREAT!

jenny said...

ha ha... I've been so white for so long. When I finally got some sun everyone was shocked to see me with a tan. I don't know what's worse.

journeytojohanssontown said...

You will love it though when you are 50 and only look 30. At least that is what I am banking on.

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

I dont know what is whiter.
My legs or the snow that falleth from the winter sky.

I got your message about seeing my face. Sorry I havent called back yet. Will soon. Felt sick...really sick lately and haven't even really left my moms.


jasmine said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with being white in the summer. you will keep all chunks of your skin later in life when everyone else is losing them to biopsies and the like.

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